An area of specialization for A&J Construction, milling is the process of grinding and removing existing asphalt pavement, creating the desired elevation. This service can be accomplished both uniformly to reflect a continuous grade or, in contrast, to a non-uniform final grade profile. The milled surfaces can also be altered to a level in which new binder and/or a top course of asphalt is installed to the desired grade.

A&J provides asphalt and concrete milling services throughout the Connecticut and New York markets, servicing the full gamut of industries, including municipal, state, commercial, industrial, educational, athletic, retail and residential clients.  Our experts also mill or and patch transitional sections of existing roadways, accounting for any potential grade changes from roadway reconstruction or disturbed areas due to utility replacement.


  • Full Width Roadway Mill: Grinding and removing existing asphalt pavement spanning the full width of an existing roadway. Area to be milled can be done to the desired depth in either a uniform or variable manner.
  • Transition Mill: Grinding and removing asphalt in a specified area to account for a grade change due to roadway reconstruction. The purpose of the transitioned area is to tie the existing grade to the new grade.
  • Trench/Patch Mill: Grinding and removing the asphalt used to temporarily cover a utility or other localized roadway excavation and repair. Once the patch is milled, it can be permanently repaired.