Offering premier asphalt paving since 1979!

After nearly four decades of experience and mastery in the field, A&J provides comprehensive paving services to the Connecticut and New York areas. While consistently utilizing leading, modern technology and practices, A&J excels in the asphalt reconstructions of state, municipal, commercial, industrial, educational, athletic, retail and larger residential properties.


  • Pavement Resurfacing: Overlay existing pavement surface, or overlay the milled and reprofiled surface with top course of asphalt to provide a smooth wearing surface.
  • Full Depth Asphalt Reconstruction: Excavate and replace full depth asphalt for roadway, parking areas, etc. Provide full service removal of existing asphalt surface and subgrade. The new asphalt can be re-profiled to the desired grade, or the grading can be replaced in kind. The subgrade can be built to the desired grade and the asphalt binder and top courses installed to specified elevation.
  • Pavement Repair/Misc. Patching: Saw cut, excavate and replace specified areas showing failure on the existing surface or is cracked or damaged.
  • Asphalt Curbing: Installation of asphalt curbing.