We take pride in choosing the most efficient and technologically current standards in reconstruction. Quite often, especially when it is most beneficial to the client, we suggest the process of reclaiming.  Asphalt reclaiming involves pulverizing existing roadway asphalt and sub-base layers, combining the two together. This process is highly sensible both from an economic and environmental standpoint. Most importantly, the reclaiming process does not require the usual excavation and replacement of an existing surface prior to final reconstruction. A&J has performed reclaiming services for a wide range of clients and properties, including municipal, state, commercial, industrial, educational, athletic, retail and residential clients.


  • The process is more economical than traditional full depth asphalt reconstruction. Savings are provided through the reduction in equipment, manpower and the need to truck in virgin material for the subbase layer.
  • Beneficial from a scheduling standpoint. It is typically shorter duration to reclaim and pave roadway than to excavate, install subbase and pave. This provides a substantial benefit in areas where the disturbance has a significant impact on the surrounding community, either from a traffic or convenience standpoint.
  • Environmentally friendly. As the process is typically quicker and does not require trucking in virgin material, there are fewer pollutants released into the air.