Professional paving, milling, and reclaiming company in Brookfield, CT

Excelling in performance and safety standards for over 35 years.


Since 1979, A&J Construction has established itself as the premiere asphalt paving company in the state of Connecticut, providing expert, state-of-the-art construction for CTDOT, NYDOT, Municipalities and Commercial customers.

A full-service contractor,  A&J specializes in asphalt paving, milling, and reclaiming, managing each phase of the reconstruction of interstates, roadways, and parking lots. Additionally, A&J's certified team offers modernized services in grading, concrete, masonry, excavation, tack coating, sweeping, interstate, roadway, and parking lots.

A&J is a CTDOT and NYDOT Certified DBE, SBE/MBE.



Professional asphalt paving company in Brookfield, CT


Premier asphalt paving services in reconstruction of roadways, parking lots, and interstates.

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Professional milling and reclamation company in Brookfield, CT

Milling & Reclamation

Offering top-of-the-line service in milling and reclamation.

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Professional concrete pavers and masonry company in Brookfield, CT

concrete pavers & Masonry

Find out about our masonry services and highly trained, experienced, and skilled workforce.

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