At A&J Construction, safety is our foremost priority and consistent focus. The highest adherence to safety standards is an integral part of our company’s culture, which requires a commitment to continuous training and education. All workplaces at A&J Construction are required to maintain strict control standards, managing potential hazards and minimizing incidents at all times. This priority is accomplished through our system of safe work practices, above-standard quality levels, and unmatched environmental compliance. We empower our employees to champion new ideas and improvements that contribute to the well-being and safety of both themselves and their team members. A National Safety Consultant, along with other prominent speakers, are annually invited to the start of our work season for “Safety Day Training” seminars for all our employees. 

A&J Construction employees receive extensive safety gear, as well as thorough training on its proper use. They are given the tools to confidently claim responsibility for their own safety, as well how to advocate for the constant safety of their coworkers. Furthermore, senior management attend a three-day Risk Control Workshop held around the country twice a year--one of the best ROI programs available. 

Employees are presented with a comprehensive safety manual, detailing the company’s safety policies and procedures. Additionally, Equipment Operators have the opportunity to attend Equipment Manufactures classes for up-to-date safety regulations and operating instructions. All employees also complete OSHA safety courses and obtain safety training certification.

As an important step further, an annual Risk Control Assessment (RCA) is performed by a National Safety Consultant. In our first year in the program, we scored 82, and in 2017, we received our highest RCA score of 97.

Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is equally impressive:

                2013     2014     2015     2016
EMR       .91         .86        .86        .71



•    Gallagher Basset – process claims and proactively manage claims and perform claim reviews
•    Medcor - providing professional health decision-making support to our employees at the moment injuries occur or at the onset of illness.
•    Presidio monthly Safety Webinars
•    National Safety Council Membership
•    Avetta (formerly PICS Auditing) - Our commitment to safety has allowed us to go through the vigorous safety protocols necessary to be approved by Avetta.
•    National Safety Services LLC – Safety Consulting and Training
•    Operating Engineers Health and Safety Director